Monday, September 20, 2010

Business Ideas: Webcam Wedding

the idea struck deeper to me today, it was after attending a friend's wedding, she's malaysian and her husband is from netherlands, unfortunately i think the husband's immediate family cant be here and i was wondering how a wedding of this type can involve more family & friends, meaning if they cant make it to a destination wedding (i.e. malaysia/canada) using these destinations as example only okay.... it can be malaysia/australia, singapore/usa etc...

my point is: should someone start a business specializing in Webcam Weddings??? I mean I can feel it in my blood its gonna be sooooo COOL!!!! should i do it ????

first of all, its not just for long distance relationship, in this time and age, even your Malaysian friends maybe all over the world, trust me, you will prbbly name me one of these destinations where your friends are Singapore, Sabah/Sarawak, Australia, UK, USA etc, right????

it could be
TIME: getting 3 days or even 1 week leave from your boss to attend a friends wedding, you think your boss will agree ah?
MONEY: travel and lodgings and you'll prbbly extend your stay for holiday right? and what about families, takkan you wanna pay for 5 pax to come to canada just for a wedding???
CULTURAL pantang larang (how do you say pantang/larang in english?? is it taboo???) - like in chinese culture, if there's a death in the family, you may not be able to attend a wedding within a certain time period, what if the bride or groom is your best friend???
OTHERS CONCERNS: fear of flying, old age (think... my grandma!), kids, sudden breakout of bird flu, volcano eruptions etc.... all uncertainties may make travelling to a wedding destination impossible!

If you are in the same boat as me, where Malaysian friends are not in Malaysia, and also i dont think some of us can afford a dream wedding like Fish Leong in this immediate near future unless you or your future partner is a rich business man or a woman who can pay for all your guests lodgings and travel expenses.... i think Webcam Wedding is the solution!!!! (as long as TM's Streamyx can finally improve and be faster!!!) of cos this keeps my imagination going, and its coming to 1am now and its unlike of me to stay up so late!!!!

anyway, i did some quick look online on articles, some venues do already provide webcam weddings and yes you guessed it, not in malaysia i dont think, and some even suggest that you can contract a 3rd party to supply the webcam wedding for you, wah lao, like a real live telecast lol... article Broadcasting Wedding by Webcam and also a couple when stranded in Dubai, they had to host their wedding streaming from Dubai to London via webcam, you can see this on CBS news.

Here's a list where you may see a real time wedding, it means if yeou happen to access this website during a wedding, you just might be able to see it! i wasnt able to try any of it at the moment.... Viva Las Vegas Webcam Wedding (Elvis host??) - its prbbly the fun Las Vegas style wedding or Anvil Hall Wedding Venue - looks like your good old church wedding


say if the wedding in Canada is about 3pm (Malaysian time 12am) is it possible that in Malaysia you contract a company (with the technical abilities and expertise) to host an external webcam wedding in an appointed venue, like a nice little cafe or a clubhouse or a favorite restaurant of yours, what they do is, they set up big projectors with high speed internet connections and a little party with foods and drinks for your friends and family back in Malaysia??? simultaneously in Canada during the ceremony, there is a webcam set up to show your malaysian guest projecting onto the large white screen in a church too.

to make this even more fun, interactive is the key where everybody is participating, there will be a monitor on the webcam and connections etc, making sure sounds are transmitted either one way or a two way flow depending on situations (and amplified by the microphone of the main speaker) imagine people in malaysia can listen to the flow of the wedding in canada, and follow exactly the same, as for people in canada after the ceremony, they get to also listen to the cheers/chitter chatters and even virtually 'party' with Malaysian guests, even cooler is, the monitor of the webcam can do a running commentary on the screen on both sides to keep the interaction going and entertaining...

even after the wedding, your guests can continue live telecast of wedding wishes over the air, your webcam monitor can even be an on-the-spot translator to translate into text! Well, even if they say something stupid or reveal your silly secrets, these are some risks you want to take if you wanna do live webcam right?? and finally, you can even make it into a DVD and deliver to those who miss the actual wedding (if they want to keep la...)

i think its super cool to do this esp when you cant fly everyone over to one destination, esp. one as expensive as canada (hello... it is 3 times more expensive leh!) but i know it can be more than just this, im too tired now... will think more when i go to bed!~ next, i want to think about Pros and Cons of Webcam Wedding

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