Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Labuan....

FOR Hari Raya Open House of Mom's colleagues
the moment we touch down in Labuan
we visited 5 open houses.... stuffed full!
FOR Lobster, Crab, Prawn, seafood at Mawilla Restaurant!
overlooking the South China Sea which we can't swim (prbbly toxic!)
but quite an impressive view with Oil Refineries/Oil Rigs, very cool
isnt he just 'cute'?? he looks more like a lobster kitten hahah!
FOR sunset viewing at the Waterfront Hotel
i picked this picture because of the cool industrial looking
crowded oil refineries poking out from beneath the sky
i think life here must be really different, offshore banking,
international business hub, duty free shopping and yet
its a very very quiet town with nothing much to do but KTVs

FOR some holiday activities like swimming in a pooland of course the main thing is to see mommy-san

who moved there 2 years ago but this is the 1st time i've been there! unfortunately the holiday is short and we only had little time...

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ariel said...

hello uncle, aunty, scott & ling fei wen, 好久不見...=)