Tuesday, September 21, 2010


for me, this is like the BIGGEST news ever!!!

PARIS HILTON, i dont care what the press says about her, i adore her style and i think she's like the nicest celebrity ever at her age, i bet you she is super loving!!!! i know a lot of people would gawk or barf but i dont care, i luvvvv paris hilton!!! and when I heard that she's coming to Malaysia, i mean hello, of all places, MALAYSIA??? i think half the world dont even know where Malaysia is on the map, i totally get it if she hangs out in TOKYO and maybe even SINGAPORE, but Malaysia???? wow!!! im impress, thanks to Miwaki and Prestige Products who sponsored the trip, they are da bomb!!! I heard this over lunch from my colleague, I could just FLY!!!!! OMG!!!! but my colleague gave me wrong info, he said it was during the weekend, and i googled its actually FRIDAY!!! OH NO!!! HOW???!!! i dont even have anymore holidays to apply to see Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!

but whatever it is i will still buy her perfumes and bags (need to save like crazy to buy one cos i dont splurge and i know i cant afford it but i know i want it and will buy it!!!) i just hope she have a wonderful time in malaysia from the moment she touch down, go to the hotel, meet the fans, and take off, and i hope she get to see the twin towers and super cool malaysian food too!!! omg!!!!

i may be 26 but i dont care!!!!!!

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