Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 6 - Road Trip Begins

this is Hayaku Subaru, its her first road trip.
i feel honoured to be able to be her first too!
scott loves her very much, treats her like a princess....
our first stop is where scott goes kayaking with his friends,
i think its called Kananaskis (???)
its freakin cold, i dont understand how they do it,
the minute i step out of Hayaku,
the cold wind makes me wanna pee already!
clover leaves! cant find a 4 petal one, i tried for 30 seconds
and gave up. im quite grateful with what i have now
as we head further northwest, we saw tons of cars stopped
must be animal sighting, and true enough, this giant elk!
its really beautiful....

next we stop at Johnston Canyon for a short hike
its not really a hike, it was a walk, and we keep talking
i forgot what we talked about, but i think most of the time,
scott was pointing out asian tourists to me,
cos you know, i need to feel 'at home'... hahah
poor bear, he had to be put down,
once they are 'human conditioned'
(it means once they tasted human food)
they have to be shot dead, cos they cant go back
to who they are and hunt for their own food,
so people, dont be stupid, do not feed the bears pls!!!

its so fun to DIY lunch outdoor!!!

as long as it is not me who had to do the food stuff!! hehe

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@ltramann said...

I like the waterfall...
Had u jump into the water?