Sunday, August 8, 2010

Calgary Stampede: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

for 10 days, the world would flock to Calgary Stampede
for an experience to be cowboys and cowgirls
no wonder people would 'think' that Calgarians actually live like this
even the locals are all dressed up for the stampede week
Scott's mom was so sweet, she bought me a Wrangler's
original cowgirl shirt just for this occassion, its a BIG deal!
there's pretty cowgirl hats available too in every color imaginable
or wearable... i dont have one cos im only there for one day,
next time!
while Herbie gets to try on one of it too
even the police had tailormade/designed cowboy hat just for that!
and of course the RCMP, apparently they are unique in the world
in the way they are meant to served the community & provinces,
i've yet to fully understand but read it here - About the RCMP
and of course its all about horses (and farm animals!)
i cant stand the smell in there cos it was cold and wet...sorry!
and to open the ChuckWagon races, MaryKate Aquino,
only 11 years old with a big powerful voice
sang O Canada and i was in awed it was amazing!
i embedded this video from youtube, cos mine takes forever to upload

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must be very fun... rite...