Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 6 - towards evening at Hidden Valley Ranch

another , an experience at the ranch
it was quite overwhelming cos i didn't know what to expect
but its amazing to see this sturdy little cabin, like AMAZED
i was too tired still jetlagged i suppose, Scott did most of the work
mostly because i wasnt sure what i can do! it was so ODD,
i move around gingerly and just taking pics cos its so new to me
start the fire?
no i dont know how
no i dont think so
but wash? yes maybe...
i refuse to wash the pot with a dead mouse inside
but i had to, once we both start washing, we couldnt stop!
and yes the pot is now clean without a dead mouse in there!
the next morning it was pretty gratifying to see the house
in its glory, dust it all up listening to the quiet forest
breathing in cold fresh air, feeling super healthy
oh yeah and i dont use the gross outhouse for pee,
you just walk outside the cabin and pee
ANYWHERE you like in the forest,
dont worry about peeping tom,
only the peeping black bears, HAHA

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