Thursday, August 5, 2010

when Spain v Netherlands

we spent, literally, the whole of Sunday,
travelling from East to West in just one country!
at about 8am we depart from Sutton to airport in Montreal,
From Montreal we flew to Ottawa
we missed a flight to Calgary, cos they oversold the seats!
Herbie in Business Class
but we manage to catch first half of the world cup final
it was already 2pm i think....
in a pub at the airport which i dont remember
for the second half, the pilot was so nice,
he was talking to air traffic control tower
to update the devastating score of 1-0 and Spain won.
i totally dislike how Nigel De Jong fly kick into Xabi Alonso
well, every world cup, you have a few memorable moments
like the one where they red card David Beckham
and the one where Zidane headbutt Materazzi
and these images will be replayed over and over again
imagine our kids watching all these moments, so funny!
From Ottawa we flew to Winnipeg
what did we do in Winnipeg???
oh, i think i hang out Virgin Bookstore,
i actually like the selection they have on True Crime,
i think after reading Billy Milligan, i like this genre
and From Winnipeg we finally reach Calgary
by the time we reach home, it was 11pm at night

1 comment:

jooknun said...

yea, De Jong should spend his life in jail by intentionally murder Alonso, my honey

i guess what netherlands lack of the the sport spirit that even kids know what should and what shouldn't do.