Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mayday & Bikini Fans?

i completed my CPR training, it took all morning, im now DRAINED with knowledge on how to perform CPR on a dummy including to Adult, Child and even Infant, that is one necessary first aid skill i thought it was a bit difficult and later admit to myself i will never regret taking this course, somehow i feel i will use it even though i've not seen anyone collapse or have a heart failure in front of me..... by the time the course finished it was 230pm i was ready to go home and hit the sack when i saw a text from a friend "would you like to be my guest to attend mayday's press conference, today at 3pm?"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i jumped, called my frined, and said, well more like scream "yes!!!!" and drove to the venue instead of home. i cannot believe this chance that my friend is giving me, he is soooo sweet to even remember this because we only met like 3 times chat on the phone few times because he is mary's close friend and she always pass the phone to him, and besides we're all geminis, basically this is just so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

frankly, i have gave up hope anticipating being able to go to the concert, because i promise my colleague to attend his wedding, and its very important occassion obviously, so to avoid disappointment.... i just try not to think abt the concert, and i was so sad i dont even have the strength to try to even plan an alternative, how to plan alternative? wedding and concert is same day same time too!! the only alternative i can think of is to buy the ticket, and attend the concert at the ending part, cos i might be able to excuse myself from the wedding....

Mayday DNA Concert, Malaysia, June 5th organized by MARCTENSIA with its partners would be another whole new chapter of mayday's concert, it sucks not to be able to be there, but today being at the press conference is just to die for!!! i think the organizer did a great job, they flew the malaysian journalists to singapore to catch the concert and then they bring mayday to malaysia for this promo tour, omgwaaadddd!!!~~the lucky thing is i met some friends, who are the malaysian's mayday fanclub people and they have camera, the whole idea wasnt to take pic with mayday, obviously its not possible, but the idea is to be in a closed door event and really enjoy the whole process of watching how they work with the media, thats just an awesome professional thing i dont know how to describe it to you

i was DRINKING every moment of it, from the moment mayday walked through the door to enter the ballroom, to their photo session, their introduction, to them signing a poster for the organizer, to the champagne ceremony toast, group photo, and fans present presentation every single moment is SURREAL.... i feel like i can just touch them and they will fade away but the thing is, they wont fade away because they are really here!!!! #%@&%@!$

the best part was, this is actually not the first time to see mayday a little bit more up close, i remember the encounters when i was working for concerts, its like its normal to see mayday here and there, cos we're responsible for some of the artist, but you dont get to see them at the liberty as a fan, because u have a job to do, and u have to control and discipline yourself, so it wasnt really that fantastic and u only see them in like a fleeting moment, maybe in the same lift together, or standing at the lobby waiting for transportation etc and maybe while they were waiting for interviews with press and crowd control before they can exit etc, fleeting moments like butterflies...

the second time i saw them was super duper fantastic and the most magical, because i was not working for the concert, but i still saw them at a hotel, in fact, i did not know they stayed there, but i was there to fetch my mom home from a dinner reception, but i have mayday's cd and a pen in my bag, READY, bcos i knew they were in town for their album promotion, and i knew i might meet them because i was working part time near the mall sungai wang, where they are having promo but in the end i did not manage to go, but still the magic worked, because TRUE ENOUGH, they were at the lobby at the same hotel where my mom was, can u imagined my shocked????? i didnt meet them at sg wang, but instead i see them at the HOTEL!!! if i was 5mins late, i would have missed them because they just came back from supper, so i ran over and asked Ashin to sign the CD, for Ben Leong.... i was with Ashin for like freaking.....10 seconds??? and lol, what a silly girl i was back then, well if the CD can make Ben happy why not, he is such an emo kid, well that was long time ago and i wonder if he even keep the CD nicely, if he didnt, well....... what to do..... i did regret it a little, because its my favorite CD, but i feel so sorry for him being alone in Florida and i just feel this is little something i could do

and today is the third time i saw mayday and i love this, because first of all im not working at the concert, so im completely free to do anything, im not with the media, so i can be as fan-ish as i want to be, i do not have an ounce of responbility in me, except for maintaining myself instead of embarassing my friend who invited me, but most of all, i have complete TIME & FREEDOM to roam around because it was a closed door event for like 1 hour!!!!!~ and i was standing right by the stage with all the press people and only 3 rows away from them at the press table where they were being interviewed in a casual setting.... wah damn near, i cant even look at them straight because i felt so near and staring at them seems very very rude at that time, damn, i should've stared at them long enough.... now its over!

the most important of all, there were INTERACTION with them which i've never really had time to experience before, i think this is how it happen, i cant remember clearly, maybe my friends who were there will know, a reporter asked mayday this question,

"in mayday's tradition, usually the fans coordinate their colors for the concert, so what is the theme color for this concert" and to that Masa and Ashin replied "you heard what Masa said earlier, he hoped that the fans will turn up in bikini" and they were laughing... and then i just completely absurdly blurted out a question without thinking "so what would you do if fans really turn up in a bikini???" (如果真的有粉丝们穿比基尼,那你们会怎样呢?)

to that question, Ashin looked at me and ASKED instead of REPLY "would you wear a bikini then?" (那你会不会穿呢?) and suddenly i think the world just came crashing down because my eyes were a blur vision cos i didnt expect him to even response, it was already a stupid question and i was stupid enough to ask again "so if someone wears it, you would get them to come up on stage during the concert then?" (如果有人穿的话,你会让他们上舞台?) and i wanna slap myself for asking such no-sense questions, but Ashin was smart enough to veer the question to Guan You, putting Guan You on the spot by jokingly saying that "you know, Guan You is now married, so he can't handle bikini girls" and that's how our interaction went.


i am such a retard.

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