Monday, April 26, 2010

Basic Mission Training - highly recommended beribu ribu bintang

who would've thought, within a span of 2 weeks,
my life could change so drastically with another small step
i wanted to learn more about how i can pursue my interest
in volunteering and i think exposure and knowledge is important,
so i decided to pursue this finally after so many years,
and people would ask, whats the difference between sports volunteer
and other type of volunteering????
so how do i answer when i dont have enough knowledge???
[from left: Ju Lynn, Rozita and Dr. Jas)essentially, the spirit of volunteering is universal,
but sports volunteering could be a short one time experience,
when the closing ceremony or the curtains are down,
your job is pretty much done at the same time too,
and it is also a celebration type of volunteering,
you are immerse in the spirit of for another type of volunteering, say for example,
a concept that i am recently expose to,
medical or humanitarian aid,
its a continuous never ending cycle, truly!
from initiating, follow up, seeing through,
contributing bit by bit, phase by phase
goes a long way to realize a positive impact
and thats what i learn in this BMT

by the way, this is probably one of the NGO
who actually provide such detailed training to anyone interested
and to ensure all of its participants are fully equipped with skills
not just for volunteer but these are essential skills to survive
so all are welcome to join too!

[From Left: Abang Tajul and Abang H something]
with our Chief Facilitator and Facilitator
most importantly, this is an opportunity to rethink
my abilities, soft/hard skills, and whether i can truly
shoulder a responsibility as a volunteer,
its a very life changing experience.

[From Left: Sharon, Michelle, Dr. Jas, Ju Lynn,
in uniform Mr. Nathan and Mr. Aerobic
Harith, Rozita, myself and Raziq]
i felt volunteering is always personal to a person,
i can describe it to you in the most beautiful verse,
or paint you a very ideal scenario or even pull you along,
but you will not be able to embrace it,
unless it originates from within you
just like everything we do, when it feels right,
everything will be alright no matter how tough it is
and it is also okay to not embrace the spirit of volunteer
this is just a matter of preference and its not a crime
maybe there's a misconception about choices that people make,
and we may judge them, i've learnt to reduce my judgements (i hope)
and learn to accept that some people
like McD but others like KFC and some might like both!

[new people in this picture: Azeem, tall guy in the middle
and on extreme right, Radzi from Volunteer Department]
the journey started by clicking through this page,
and sending an email to Kak Hayati (picture below)
explaining my motivation to find out volunteer opportunity,
as luck may have it, they have an induction program
and the following week a basic mission training program,
without hesitation i signed up for both despite the fact
i am living on my last few cents due to an accident
which cost me quite a lot money ... sob sob ... but i still sign up
i strongly defy and is against the idea that people say
volunteerism is about being a saint
to me, it is not abt being anything at all but being able
to contribute what you have within your capacity
at best willingly, selflessly and to an extend ethically
where in the end you can pat yourself on your back
and still get on with life and when opportunity comes,
you do it all over again!

example: volunteering to help your mom to clean the house
this is a type of volunteerism, you may argue all you like,
but thats how i define it personally.

[Group Delta] with Ju Lynn and Rozita who car pool with me
and Rashvin but he is not in this group picture....
i love my car pool mates, they're da bomb yoh!
also when you are volunteering, it is so personal
that your true motivation and objective will reveal itself,
so when you are sincere, there will be some kind of glow,
but if you are not sincere, your contribution maybe helpful,
but somehow you wont be able to attain
level of peace within yourself because you're in conflict
and realize and even felt being taken advantage of,
so whatever it is, when you make a decision in life,
trust your instinct make informed choices
believe in yourself and choose your destiny

[Group Bravo] my cute cute group!!!
Standing: Yu Shen i really think he is a great kid,
with Facilitator Abg Azman & Abg H
Sitting: Harith, Dr. Siti, Dr. Wan, Me, Abg Tajul,
Raziq, Sharon and Abg ....?? facilitator
and the experience?
well, we were SWORN TO SECRECY haha
but i truly recommend you to think about it,
we only live once, if the thought of trying something new
ever cross your mind, consider this,
but remember, you have to let yourself accept the idea
instead of forcing yourself to do anything

[with Officer Tai Son]
i think all the local police who help facilitate this event,
is actually quite the damn gaya people, the way they work,
wow, you feel you can now completely trust them with your life,
how many instances can you feel like this in your life?
they are here to protect us and protect the country,
what we experience is only a small fraction of their experience,
so feeling safe is a blessing, and being equipped with more knowledge,
i think April might just be the most fruitful month for me in 2010.and May will be happiest month, cos Scott is coming
and watching Andrea Bocelli Concert with me!

i am truly
Golf Romeo Alpha Tango Echo Foxtrot Uniform Lima!

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