Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April : Training Month

i shall officially call this month the Training Month,
i have acquired these 'skills' over the past few weeks
because human just keep chasing for an objective,
be it for a new haircut, or a new movie, or even rest,
and sometimes i dont understand why i do certain things,
but it feels right so i just do it,
whether or not the skill is applicable,
we can talk about that when it happens

1. Volunteer Induction Program
it is amazing what you can learn through an induction program,
especially an organization's mission & vision & objectives,
and most important of all,
the ethics to be aware of when extending humanitarian aid
as a volunteer

2. School Watching Program
how do you teach the kids to be aware of the
potential damage caused by human / nature?
this briefing guides you through on interesting ways
to work with children and at the same time
training you to be independent enough to be the
Trainer / Facilitator / Leader in a completely new place

3. CPR Training
a Basic Life Support skill (BLS)
a first aid skill to prevent any further harm
that the victim may need to suffer
while the ambulance is on its way,
the skill is so important that it is apparently
a compulsory course in some countries too!

4. Basic Mission Training - coming soon
this is the most 'interesting' training of all,
because i absolutely do not what to expect,
but to expect to 'rough it out' in the jungles!

training month, it makes me feel like
human are always chasing for something
and nothing is ever enough.....

my next aim is to learn the American Sign Language
because I can't afford the Spanish or French or Japanese or Korean classes
but i still want to learn a 'language'.... seriously =)

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Fay said...

That is so cool! I so wish I could hv joined u for the training!