Thursday, April 29, 2010

May - Hong Kong, Here We Come

how do you survive Hong Kong on a budget?
i guess i'll just deal with it, when we are there
but the whole idea of Andrea Bocelli is so exciting!!!!!
i hope scott doesnt sleep in the concert,
im gonna leave him alone if he does,

for the first time, i actually didnt really plan for it,
all i know is, i go to hong kong, i head to the hotel,
if scott is there, its great, if he's not i will check in first,
after that maybe dinner, maybe i will meet scott by then,
we'll head to the bar street if he feels like a beer~~~

there's this dolphin watching on sunday,
so we might go, we just need to meet somewhere pay n go,
hopefully can get some sun, some tanning and some amazing dolphins picture
after that, i will prbbly feel like getting seafood for dinner
or meet up with my piano teacher's best friend who is now based in hkg

on monday, scott wants to go macau,
so we'll go macau, and im not even sure where we're staying,
maybe we'll jump off the macau tower or maybe do something fun
like.... eat????

we'll come back to hkg on tuesday, and catch andrea bocelli's concert,
and head back to malaysia on wednesday....

but you know it doesnt feel like holiday,
maybe cos now hong kong is also a workplace for me,
sigh.. big big sigh... just like taiwan... it feels like work all the time....

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