Tuesday, February 23, 2010


and this is how we look like
on a Monday evening after a 2 hour session
at Hammam (Bangsar Village 2)
our body relax like a jelly
our skin a rosy, peachy, vibrant color,
my hair a pleasant long lasting rosewood smell....
personally i enjoyed it and was hoping it could be longer session!
HAMMAM is a treat,
you can go with your girlfriends / jimuisss
even something to do as a couple
please make sure its not your FIRST date with the guy
cos to truly enjoy this you need to be half naked,
at least the top part of your body where the Moroccan ladies
scrub you down with a specially imported glove type of thing,
and of cos your skin feel as smooth as a baby after that...
i wonder when can i go back there again?

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