Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Would Highly Recommend To You : HAMMAM

apparently the one and only Morrocan style/Turkish Bath
in Malaysia, if not the only one in whole of South East Asia!
Ladies...... this is something not to be missed,
Gentlemen you would welcome this experience too!
Scott is in town right now, so what kind of new experience,
can we make in order to make our time spent, memorable?
So i asked my colleague for Spa and Massage recommendation in town
personally I've never done Spa/Msg, so its quite novel to me,
i was thinking of something fun, memorable etc,
just a unique experience in Kuala Lumpur,
and without skipping a beat my colleague recommended
and so Hammam I googled, she told me basically,
the whole experience is quite memorable,
Moroccan ladies shower you, scrub you, massage you,
and use very very amazing scent pampering you!
yes this is ideally done naked or wear the paper bikinis
that they provide, but you have i have, no need to shy shy one.
when i googled, i was quite sold by these pictures at first glance!
but My Women Stuff was the one that completely sold the idea to me
you must read how she describe it, you know its an action button,
that you need to press to accelerate to this experience,
so i check out the price list on Hammam's website,
called to verified, check with Scott, and made bookings,
trust me, once you're there you'll never look back!

Here are other reviews to convince you, trust me,

its worth it, even if for just ONE TIME!

Bath Indulgence and a NST male writer experiences Hammam

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Fiona said...

So awesome! Are you really taking Scott there? He's one lucky man. Do they have something like that with Moroccan men scrubbing ladies down? No? A girl can only dream, Fei!