Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the funny feeling watching winter olympics

the funny thing is,
for the past few days
when i managed to catch a glimpse of winter olympics on ESPN,
i actually, thoroughly enjoyed it

more than any other sporting event i've seen on TV!
i wonder if the ratings are good? i think it could be because
the great timing of CNY holidays in Asia...i believe its also mainly because
there were so many type of sports
which i've NEVER seen or even heard before,

i saw SKELETON (yes that's a sports name!)
CURLING which hook me for a long time
cos its sooo funny when they are SWEEPING the ice!
SPEED SKATING and of course the familiar ones like
Figure Skating and Skiing....

whoever is broadcasting Winter Olympics
despite what critics may say about the ratings,
i think they are doing a good job with a foresight
in showcasing sports that is uncommon
because TV is truly a window to the world out there!

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