Monday, January 25, 2010

Working In Hong Kong, Fantastic

its a new market assigned to me after my colleague left the company, well at first the idea was quite overwhelming, cos it does sound like quite a sophisticated market to handle, unlike my other markets which i think i can quite easily understand and adapt to.

Thus before CNY, we decided to make a visit to meet all our clients in HKG, as for me, i'm meeting 99% of them for the first time, while my VP (vice president) has already met most of them, and she is handling the major clients while i'm handling the rest of the market. it is a good arrangement.

Preparing for the trip was interesting, i had to go shopping just to make myself feel comfortable meeting the clients, haha, no, i didnt ended up shopping a lot, mostly dress to keep myself warm.

To be honest with you, this is a really nice experience, its a pity that i was only there for a 2D1N, I feel attached to some of my clients, its quite amazing how in one short meeting, i feel that way, and they have some kind of professional aura which is quite unlike the usual laid back style i'm used too, they are more like a mixture of international business and oriental touch, if i were to compare the style to Taiwan or Vietnam, they are in an entirely different breed of level, i would say this is quite a dramatic impact on me, really.

i wish i could describe it more precisely, but i did not manage to take any pictures or have much time in my hand now to write more, because i still have my hong kong report to do......

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