Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next Destination(s)

I am trying to recoup from the whirlwind Hong Kong business trip, short and intense trip drains a lot out of a person when working and that's all I can say. Looking at just Quarter 1 alone... I feel like I just want to go to bed, but I need to think! Think Think Think Think and Balance Balance Balance the Annual Leave + Money!!!!

Vietnam is the next destination, which will be immediately after CNY....and one week later our whole team will be heading to Singapore - 8th - 10th March for a conference, and immediately almost a week or two after that, I have to head to Taiwan either on the last week of March or 1st week of April.... all for work and I really hope it has results, I mean, I wish all these trips are worthwhile, the whole idea is to get business, I need to get some kind of training to maximise these trips!

As for Holiday Destination??? It will be end of May..... somehow I don't feel like I look forward to it.... the idea of taking another flight dreads me suddenly.... Scott posted this on my wall " Still trying to decide between India, Andaman islands, Komodo Island, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Palau, Layang Layang, Lembeh Strait...... Hmmm What do you think?"

To be honest, I can't even think straight, I have to write and write to think straight right now, but at the moment I may feel very very strongly about India.... The plan in May could be KL - Delhi - Agra - Calcutta - KL, and it will take about minimum 10 days to make this trip?
India mainly because of the unknown adventure and the extremity of it, they say you have to be WELL TRAVELLED to be able to handle India, I believe it must be.... so I am worried but I think I should face that challenge and despite all the negativity comments and possibly very very heart wrenching sight that I might come across, India seems like a sign because I just received Air Asia promo that they have 6 new routes to India now..... but just thinking about India, I feel absolutely TIRED all of a sudden... maybe I need to relax instead of stressing out about bagpacking??? but I want to see Taj Mahal....... If I dont make this trip, Laos would be great for a calm, cool, and relaxing 5 day trip,

or Indonesia Komodo Island for a 8 days trip.....to see Komodo and be really scared but we can also scuba dive and chill on the island as well.... because both Laos and Indonesia are cheap destinations! But I like the idea of Andaman Island.... it sounds exotic but expensive..... if I can find something I can afford for less than US$1,000 then I would do it, if not, there's no point stretching my budget and stressing out on a holiday..... But the problem is, in June, I want to go Canada to see Bradley Cooper!!!!!! Even just for like 5 days, I still must go and see his movie premier, right?

Gosh...... what the hell is wrong with me, why am i doing this when i dont even have any savings or annual leave to apply??????? I think this is call irrational.


felice said...

Bradley Cooper!!!! He's so cute..what is his next film??

there are lots of great ideas on vacation, seeing that the savings are getting lesser n lesser, i should not be looking forward to any trip this year maybe...mmm...

Looking at your work schedule, it's packed, did you feel sick of taking flights so frequent? hahaha..anyway, wish you can find a balance btw ur work & life, cheers ^^

jooknun said...

you should see more about asia before you leave =)
gonna miss you babe

anyway, you have time for us to visit you at gotong jaya maybe for a long weekend?