Monday, January 18, 2010

BIBLIOCHASE - must have this chair!!!!!

Ladies & Gents, this is the ultimate
space saving dream come true chair!!!
i would love to have a library at home,
but at the rate that i'm going with my savings,
its quite impossible! but this chair, is so AWESOME!!!
look at the amount of books that it can stuff!!!!
its called the Bibliochase and it comes in so many colors!
click here and try out all the colors!!!

they have a shop in Hong Kong!!!!!!!!
not like i can shop it home, but at least,
i can really see it for real!!!!!


lulu said...

yes!!!must have!!!!
its awesome!

jooknun said...

yea, suit me, i like to place books everywhere, messy, with this chair such a good idea to place books around meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ariel said...

i wang!!!