Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Office Hour - Make Yourself A Hero Movie

saw this on Dracula Dan's update, i think he hardly update anything, so this must be something worthwhile, what hero nonsense is this he is posting i wonder?

so i clicked on it and at first i thought this was a film trailer, well it does look like a film trailer doesnt it?
Questions that ran through my head while it loads and the BOOM sound gongs around....

what the hell is all this waiting? it doesnt seem like 90 seconds at all, is it 90mins???? some kind of movie psychology is it to make people wait and try to beat Avatar's box office tickets??

why does it have that scary thundery gong sound, i mean is something gonna jump out from the screen? if yes im gonna so murder the person who did this!!!!

and why can i only see that man's face?? who is he???

geezzz why is it still loading so slow, the 10 seconds seems like forever! this better be good!

and then 5 more seconds........................... okay now what????????????

.... the video started........ omgosh i thought it was some kind of message to the world from god or some media moghul, or some big philantropist agenda to change the world etc etc, and then POP, the SERIOUSNESS of this whole video just instantly DIED!!!!!! because what is that familiar face doing there and looking absolutely cheeky and chillax like..... wait a sec, so we just got punk'ed?????!!! watching this????!!!!!

Here, I must insert obscenity to add effect, cos mtf i laugh so hard i nearly cried! my brother was there he was clutching his stomach from laughing too hard, this is mad hilarious, the one where you laugh clap the table with your hands and laugh and laugh, and totally OFFICE HOUR material!!! this reminds me of this video posted by Ms.G9 on JIMUISSS....previously, i am now soooo gonna make one for my boss and for my colleague who annoys me all the time!!!!

i googled, and apparently the basic idea of this video is to make yourself or someone you know into a hero! do you think you would dare to put your client's picture here??? hehehehehe!!

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