Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Christmas...

last christmas you sent me a really nice FedEx :)
thank you cos i really love receiving snail mails, packages,
postcards, long letters, esp love this from pen pal,
except for bills and credit card statements of course!
when i open the box, a rush of CANDY smell comes through!
wah lao was quite nauseating but the sight was colorful!
and so there i was in the office distributing candies and
kept some for my friends as well as best as i could...
we were EXPERIMENTING the candies, literally! LOL
next one of my favorite items, CALENDARS...
but not just any calendars, its great photography,
scenic and STANDING calendar with little boxes
for me to scribble on, nearly perfect, except for the public holidays
its not Malaysian public holidays.... hehe.....
and finally the present which i'm not suppose to open until Christmas,
haha, and i cant even guess what was it
while all my male colleagues thought its a vibrator!!!
they really make a lot of naughty jokes about this gift ...
since we're talking about Christmas present,
i should feature Ang Qu Quay as well,
its from Ryan & his gf Tanya, (Ryan HATES my turtle-dom)
but i think its really sweet of him despite being forced by his gf,
to buy this HUGE PINK and SUPER DUPER beautiful turtle for me!that was Christmas....a holiday that I don't celebrate,
but somehow i ended up being part of it....
maybe i should consider it in coming years since it brought
so much joy for me, i should give the same back to people!

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Fay said...

u even hv Ang Qu Quay now?? =)