Wednesday, November 25, 2009

no surprise visit for me

its funny, i am sighing. haha.
you know why i find this funny?
i realize scott will NEVER be able to give me a surprise visit. :(

like for example, i'm using Malaysia timing to explain this ok?
he travels on Tuesday noon, and he arrives on Thursday night,
so basically, during the time that he is travelling to malaysia,
he will not be able to text me or call me for about....48 hours++

and the reason is, we chat and call each other at least 1 hour everyday,
which is just before i go to sleep in KL, just after he wakes up in Calgary,
so when if there's even one day that we miss that opportunity to talk,
something is up, so he will not be able to give me a surprise visit,
well neither can i .....

sigh, there goes the fun surprise factor i was dreaming all about watching all these romantic movies and swooning over boyfriends who appear at their girlfriend's doorstep with flowers and gifts and a big smile on his face.......

of cos im NOT complaining that he is coming, lol, i'm complaining that he wont be able to surprise me!!!!!!!!


yee.wean said...

haha...true. even though you've been together for years but still a bit of surprises would hav made your day. but darling never expect too much from guys. i mean we are talking bout GUYS!!!!

felice said...

hahaha, try not to chat or call everyday, js try it for a month, and ask Scott to arrange to suprise trip to u..hahahaa..well, this message is intended to convey to Scott, not fei...hahahhaa

jooknun said...

yea lor, then dun call everyday la~ make it 2 days or 3 days once, so he will able to give you surprise~

ariel said...

i also wanna keh poh
woman, hard to please...=b