Monday, November 23, 2009

HCMC in 24 hours - arriving & getting lost

i feel like i want a small font today, so pls bear with me!

From LCCT to Tan Son Nhat HCMC International Airport, 1 hr 55
mins, engrossed in AiLing's book "Tough Journey But I Made It, Book 1" on a bumpy flight, Thai passengers seating around me did not know how to filled up the arrival card, so there i was on a bumpy flight and helping them with their arrival cards!!

why Vietnam you would ask, basically there's no more examination venue in Malaysia/Singapore! HCMC is the best option, besides EJ is there, speaking of EJ, i shud dedicate a post on him soon for making it possible for me to feel right at home in Vietnam! EJ is Malaysian, he went to Vietnam in September 2008 to work and great things going for him there, anyway he has a place in HCMC with extra room, his mom was there too, i know the mom as well, i would feel completely at ease going to Vietnam and staying with them....!

upon arrival, i remember EJ told me to get a taxi which should be about VND200k, i thought i could slash the price if i get a random taxi, but the guy quoted me VND500k!!!!! madness!!!!!! i ended up purchasing taxi coupon for VND270,000 (according to a friend, me looking like a Korean doesn't help in Vietnam, people just tend to charge higher)

it was already 8pm when i exit the airport, traffic was slow not because of the cars, but because of the weaving bikes that makes maneuvering a car, TOUGH!!!!! by the time i reach Go O Moi in District 7, it was 9pm. hungry like hell! and we were 'lost', because the taxi REFUSE to look for the apartment around there! i decided to call EJ to save the day, even tho i'm NOT sure if he can speak Vietnamese, i also had to put him on loudspeaker cos my phone rosak, and MY GAWDDDD...

when EJ starts speaking in Vietnamese, he sound so ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! he was only here for a year and now he speaks fluent Vietnamese now??? Even though i dont understand but he sounded like he is scolding this taxi guy, giving him directions to his place etc, but the taxi guy prbbly refuse, so EJ said he'll come get me since we might be only at the mainroad, i know he is super tired cos his work is kinda daunting and physically exhausting, and minutes later vrrroomm vrooom VRRROOMMM EJ came around with his yamaha!! completely FOREIGN sight to me, as i'm so used to seeing him driving cars in!

Thank goodness Sabrina lend me her digital camera, i can finally take picture of some of the moments while in HCMC, but she forgot to pass me the cable to transfer the pics.... lol!

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