Friday, November 27, 2009

HCMC in 24 hours - accomodation

and so the taxi driver refuse to send me right to EJ's apartment, i guess he was complaining about a gate which was in the way that might 'scar' his precious tall taxi, and he was saying "heiiiiyeeeerrr heiii yeerrrr" all the time in the taxi!! annoying sial!

luckily i pack super light, so i hop onto EJ's bike and he vrooom off to his apartment around the corner. it looks brand new and he stays at the highest floor, i'm sure the view will be great in the morning, its great that he has his own place, i feel so proud of him somehow, mind you he is younger than me, so i always thought of him as a little brother that wants to grow up so fast that he doesn't act his age (sometimes only la) but much older!

anyway when we reach EJ's unit, i was soooo amused with the barcode entrance instead of using a key! and also instead of a traditional peephole, there's a webcam feature which you can view who's outside your door! super nice, but i forgot to take picture or try it out!!! :( and we're talking about Vietnam yo, what a misconception that it is backward!!!

the moment i enter the apartment, i saw EJ's mom in the kitchen, i went super hyper mode because its soooo welcoming to see a motherlike figure in a bachelor's apartment

"AUNTY!!!!!!!! REMEMBER ME?????"

and guess what aunty said to me
"AH! THE BEN LEONG GIRL!" Oh well i guess she wont be able to forget the hyper girl in the car talking non-stop about ben leong that time when both aunty and uncle were off to send EJ to bukit jalil to meet up with the golf team for a tournament and i was there because i bought a camera casing for EJ for his tournament, and i dunno how i end up going with them to bukit jalil, oh yah, because they say ben leong will be there and i was gushing like a star struck fan and completely ignore everyone else and when i see ben leong walk out from the dorm i prbbly squeal like i saw edison chen/rain walking towards me and look like i just died and went to heaven and back when ben leong talk to me okay. SO FUNNY. those were the days when you are young and you can be anything you want and it is still acceptable but not now anymore!

anyway, back to present time in HCMC, i dont quite remember what hyper gibberish i was spluttering about, but i totally remember smiling and laughing so much and talking so loud i bet the whole apartment can hear!! and EJ was there sitting far far away in the living room while i chomp on the leftover dinner so kindly cooked by Aunty, thankgoodness the dinner wasn't completely clean out by EJ just hours ago! Dunno if its in his memory that i'm a big eater or if he's just being polite, he was like "enough or not?" of cos i said "enough la", he was like "sure or not?" of cos i said "sure la" .... haha aunty was so funny, when i was eating she sound so apologetic saying "aiyah, you come to vietnam still have to eat malaysian home cook food..." haha, aiyah, aunty no need to worry, home cook food warms the heart mah!

aunty was telling me about shopping in the Vietnamese market, the sandals she bought for EJ's sister, is sooooooooooo pretty!!!!! i didnt manage to buy one or get one, but i'll keep in mind to get one next time. you must be wondering why is aunty here in HCMC?? apparently EJ just moved in into this apartment about a week ago, and aunty is here to help him to sort out the house! i have to say within one week the house looks pretty live-able!!!! and im sooo thankful that he actually didnt TURN me away when i told him about super last minute plan to go there! I even get a room to myself, no need to share share room with him and i remember EJ snores!!!

as i was eating, EJ suggested a massage session in town, i check my watch, already 10pm coming to 11pm wah....and malaysia is one hour ahead, which means its 12am and my body clock is nodding off already and still want massage meh? But EJ's like no problem, can be done. but his eyes look sooo tired, red and bulgy.... i also feel paiseh to go out with him looking so tired poor thing but anyway after much dilly dallying, i think its a great time to catch up at a massage parlor and its prbbly authentic since EJ is like... half a local now!!! hahahaha!!!

i showered and we took a cab to town cos mr tired couldn't be bothered with a bike ride afters; we catch up on what he's been up to these days, told me about his work, friends, relationship, life, etc and it sounds like fun and he is living the life yo! so all those stuff that me (as a girl) would worry about such as missing home is so not applicable to him whey....

the streets were quiet and there were very few people walking on the pavement, we paid the taxi, and head towards a massage parlour.....

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