Monday, November 23, 2009

TOEFL was a little tough

the TOEFL examination was a little tough for me
i regretted not making the most of preparation even in 1 week
admittedly eve of exam i didnt get enough sleep the night before
from staying up and chatting with EJ until 3am (4am malaysia)
and waking up super early the next day to get ready
catching up with a friend is really important,
esp given that thats the ONLY time we can talk...

i think it was tough for me mainly because
i did not prepare enough, there was a test sample which cost $44...
i thought it wasnt worth the price to pay, but i totally regretted it,
cos a test sample means i can go thru and work out how to answer
and also practice within the time limit too...

also i did not had enough rest, the exam was 3 hours plus,
by the first hour i was nodding off in front of the computer,
i think i did not have a very good grasp of the topics as well,
the passages maybe short, but it is VERY mind boggling,
from astronomy, biology, history, archeology, etc
basically you have to understand the passage within limited time
and answer the questions and some parts you're not able to change ur answer

its not just about the level of English, its how fast you can grasp the passage,
and convey the information effectively, so you need to combine also
common sense, general knowledge, accurate and precise information,
and they dont need your personal opinion for answers unless they say so,
so basically, every single info conveyed to you during the exam is very important.

whoever wish to take a TOEFL test in the future, i strongly recommend