Sunday, October 11, 2009

as a Malaysian do you know our ROYAL etiquette???

Throughout my daytrips in Kuala Lumpur,
I have not been to the Istana Negara (Royal Palace)
so I felt like researching to learn more about it,
and will probably visit it one day just to see it,
since I'm a Malaysian I should pay a visit right?
anyway, WOW, i came across our royal website!!!!
I didnt know we had one, so this is pretty cool!!!
this is the website: Malaysian Monarchy
and this is a site to some pictures of the palace grounds!!!~

trust me, there's so much to learn, obviously in the presence of His Majesty & Her Majesty, there are Etiquette, Royal Language, Dresses for Ceremonies etc....

of cos some of it sound so simple and basic that you should already know, but because it is the royal monarchy, it is even more important to remember, that it must be followed!!!!!~~ man it feels like it will take a long time to really how to speak properly when addressing the King!!!! and not to chew with your mouth open!!!

Chewing with mouth open; i think is a common problem among chinese, mainly because our chinese food is too hot and this had been something passed down since ages ago and it seems to be common to see chinese eat with their mouth OPEN!!!! you dont believe me??? try observing!!!!!!

but the most intriguing thing i found from the website was -----> the GAME section ???? maybe i should try it out???

anyway, i just find this totally intriguing, thought you might be interested maybe! :)

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