Saturday, October 10, 2009

who is your NEMESIS?

i am literally experience the word - NEMESIS - in this lifetime,
Nemesis will haunt me for the rest of my life,
because nemesis makes me try so hard to be better than you,
but as a nemesis means i can NEVER EVER be better than you....

NEMESIS could be
1. something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc....
OR opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome...

My nemesis?
is a combination of 1 & 2, so you dont have to know who it is,
but for sure it is not you who is reading this post,
because my nemesis will never know about this blog,
because I chose that person and know that it will be my nemesis,
the one that doesnt know my existence, it is a lifetime challenge,

My nemesis
will always make me dream bigger, higher and bolder! But my nemesis will also kill my confidence, drown my happiness and never be contented with what I have, because my nemesis is like an invisible whipped, every step taken, im chasing after, every achievement won, i'm trying to overcome, i will never live the life i want because i made the person my nemesis.....and i can feel the etching pain right now, eating me up,

i am no longer myself, i'm afraid i'm becoming my nemesis, but never ever better than the real nemesis......

i hope you dont MAKE a nemesis in your life; if there is one that you've already chosen, i wish you luck.


萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

i feel the same too.

Maybe when you start thinking, that is not important at all, you never think of acheiving, then it will never be your nemesis.

But we tend to dream and do something hardly achieve. Once you get there, you will be more than happy and satisfied.

萨布丽娜 蛋 said...
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