Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stephen Gately of Boyzone DIED! :(

this is a very very very devastating shocking new to hear, Stephen who happened to be the most boyish looking member of the boybang Boyzone died TODAY(10th October) and the news reported this:

The 33-year-old went to sleep after a night out but failed to wake up, according to the News of the World. The four remaining band members are flying out to the island (Majorca). A message on the band's official website confirmed Gately's death: "Stephen tragically died whilst on holiday in Majorca yesterday."

to me this is COMPLETEY UTTERLY devastating.... why? and what happened really??? omg. 33. its like, i cannot understand how you can go to sleep and just die....... i feel so speechless.

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked when i heard the news about Stephen Gately, he was still so young