Sunday, September 20, 2009

BUMPHEADS can only be seen during FULL MOON...

i am not very good at remembering dives,
but this one is sure a memorable one,
a lucky one some said, cos
apparently they can only be seen during full moon?

im blogging just after reading about the earthquake in Bali,
as for Gili where we were, it is just south east of Bali,
i'm not sure if its affected by the earthquake,
since Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire,
one of the most active areas for earthquakes
and volcanic activity in the world,
it just sounds a little bit more challenging,
and death threatening when heading there.

anyhow, it was a peaceful morning
we cycled to Blue Marlin Dive centre, had breakfast
that's the view of the other island, Gili Meno
our young dive guide. Mr. Tim Tam
(sounds like that biscuit brand right? it is!)
it was pretty much NEAR the end of our dive,
i was so cold, i can pee in my wetsuit already,
we suddenly swam INTO this school of fish,
not SCHOOL! it is not enough to describe la,
freaking RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!about TWENTY !!!
i stopped in my tracks, in the water, well more like,
REFUSE TO MOVE because i was sooo scared!!!
and this picture, for real, we were SWIMMING thru them!
my goodness,they were left right centre on top below of us!according to facts on BBC, which im not even sure if its correct,
They are hermaphrodites, meaning hv both sex organs,
Begin life as females and undergo changes to become males.
Sex change typically happens when the resident male leaves,
or dies, with the top female changing sex to replace him.i googled why can we only see them during FULL MOON?
Humphead parrotfish aggregate to spawn at a certain time each month,
often around the time of the full moon, which often takes place in early morning,
(we were diving at 9am that day)
females release eggs to be fertilized in the water by the sperm released by the male.
These large spawning aggregations may consist of around 100 individuals.
(thank god, we saw only 20 of them!!!!)

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