Sunday, September 20, 2009

Under The Sea - the usual suspects

Suspect 1 - Anonymous Fishes
usually i dont know what fish im looking at,
so this one i tried to ask for her name,
but she refused to answer,
and kept swimming beside us,
i was afraid my flippers would hit her!
Suspect 2 - Turtles
it could be any type of turtle, i CANT TELL,
but as long as its turtle its really amazing somehow
Suspect 3 - Clown fishes
no matter where i go,
they're sure, FOR SURE!!!!
bound to be within our eyesight!
the only difference is prbbly their characters,
Perhentian ones are so shy,
these ones are bigger and more drama, haha!
staring straight back at scott who's taking a pic!!!
Suspect 4 - Corals
i think they're pretty amazing,
they might look the same to some people,
but they are really different, i always like the colors,
and there is one coral i really wanna see
BUBBLE coral but until now i hvnt seen one!!!
and of cos, Suspect 5 - the Divers....

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