Friday, August 7, 2009

PHOTOS - in and out of bali for a white wedding

the gila-ness to fly to bali to attend boss wedding;
is finally in vivid pictures now from my colleague's camera
the trip was less than 24 hours,
but it would be nice to return to bali for a leisure holiday,
i would recommend it to you if u like tiny towns,
touristy people and lots of party and lazy beaches...
read the full post here if you like
boss, wifey and connie (my partner in crime to bali!)white dress is thanks to connie; it kinda fits.
boss face was a bit scarred on the left,
cos apparently he was busy talking, and he
so much for looking good on your wedding day,
we gave him a nickname "BOSS-SYNDROME"
cos with boss there's always drama with him, lol
Example: boss wanted to wear his WHITE ADIDAS with his shirt;
but his wife manage to persuade him wear this sandals,
it actually matches the theme and his casual white slacks,
its WEIRD in Adidas, and it was funny cos boss needs to drag his feet,
drag drag drag until he get the hang of walking in it,
(and dancing in it later, so
Seminyak Beach.........Avocado Drink (missing the chocolate...)

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