Friday, August 7, 2009

its very disturbing.... FIRE CUPPING..... (>.<)

Sohpie, a French volunteer whom i knew
from my Beijing Olympic Volunteers days,
she tag a friend doing this FIRE CUPPING
they were in Beijing for their summer holidays,

just a random thought to interrupt this post;
i realize since meeting european born chinese,
from whereas but the beijing olympic thingy,
i notice they travel very often back to China
Martin from UK was in China recently
Vicky from Czech Republic was in China many times
Gerrard was even noting in his status that
usually he goes back to China but not this year,
and they have very close contact with their
family who are still in China,

i also notice there were less (within my knowledge)
north american born chinese who visits China,
maybe because of distance, but this is not a general rule,

my conclusion is, maybe bcos they are only SECOND generation,
while you and me in Malaysia are prbbly the THIRD generation,
so we are not THAT attached, would you not agree with me?
i mean, it was AMAZING when talking to them,
how they refer to their relatives and family in China,
as if they were just next door away from Luxembourg!

anyway, back to fire cupping
dont click on the link below,
unless ur ready for the scary images,
of THESE cups sucking her back!
it is such a painful sight, i mean, its so...
bulgy, red, painful, scarring...

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