Sunday, August 9, 2009

印象派 Impressionism - Claude Monet

interesting, first heard the name Monet in the film Titanic (1997)
Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) when he was being dressed up by the rich lady,
for the dinner with Rose (Kate Winslet) and the rest of the first class psngrs,
he was commenting on Monet. actually i dont remember the script now....
click to read more about Impressionism
the term is applicable also to music i believe,
i bought a book a few weeks ago about impressionism artists,
because i wanted to read more about Renoir,
and since i have time during the weekend, i shall TRY to paint!
Monet looks like a very colorful artists, and i like colors,
despite the difficulty........... i shall TRY!
Garden in Giverny - Claude Monet (1902)
i pick this out of so many cos there's no HUMAN to paint
(i think human are the hardest!)
i dont think i need to SKETCH,
so i went straight to mixing water colors and DOTTING them,
took me 2 hours.....

so newbie right? :) but i honestly really like my work this time!

its more like my 'impression' of the 'impressionism' by Monet,

if u know what i mean? not the EXACT copy but an impression copy, ha!

ps: i miss the National Art Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London immensely!


ariel said...

it reminds me of seraphine's work!

nice. one day let's arrange a 写生日 at GJ ^^

Feister said...

hi!!! yes, you're right a 写生日, what else do we need to prepare???

FOOD!!!! hehehe~~

cassieandrea said...

very nice! ^^

lulu said...

wah,i want i want!
count me in pls~~~haha
you should try to draw Monet's masterpiece,那个荷叶图which shown in Titanic^^

Feister said...

hi lulu!! yes, thats the one in the film right?? the lotus one!!!~

it was one of the selection but it looks very very hard... :(

AlCock said...

Hey Feiwen, I just checked out your new website, and it is great! I am impressed by your impressionist learning process. 好靚呀!Everything is learned by copying, and we artists will develop into our own once we mastered everything. I did learn impressionist oil painting before and it was fun. Since it is not my style, I stopped practicing. :p Another suggestion that you can learn impressionism with exact effect, use oil pastels. I know a fine teacher of mine who taught me oil painting, he is an established artist with keen usage of oil pastels, every illustrations remind me of Monet or Manet.

Alex Cochrane