Sunday, August 16, 2009

grow your own lizard pet (EEEWWW x 100000)

this was in July, i finally found time to post....
it feels like walking in a Harry Potter scene,
weaving through a maze of indoor streets and shops,
came across an innocent looking book shop,
aiming to look for something real like... a book to read,
this caught my eye at the cashier, -GROWING LIZARD-!
i asked the cashier what was it....
she said its a Crocodile !!!!
of cos i will buy right????!!!!!
i gleefully brought this to the office the very next day,
it should hatch within 48 hours, imagine the shock of my colleagues
if they see a CROCODILE sprouting in the middle of my desk!!!
i cant WAIT to see how my little crocky would look like!!!
i hope its a MEAN looking & DANGEROUS pet,
i'll love it soo much!!!
by the time i put the water in, and this is noon time,
it has BUBBLES, like it was breathing!!!! awesome!!!
our new intern told me that she bought a similar one for her friend,
click the red link if u wanna see, that is soooo cool!!!

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萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

haha..i tot the girl fren will in in an egg also..haha