Friday, August 14, 2009

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Island was recommended to us via Birgit Weber
our Advanced Diving instructor from
The way she described the dive was like in an instant
she was transported back to the beautiful blue sea,
the best part is, she said it is NOT as touristy as Bali,
thats really what i want to hear...

I heard the Gili name again
when i was in Malacca with Ariel,
it was an English guy, i totally forgot his name(!)
who talked about living and diving
he was in Indonesia for like long time living with locals,
and highly recommend it, he said you see everything,
big small ugly pretty everything you can imagine, tons!

Together with scott planning for holiday,
thanks to the Selangor holiday in September,
i remember heading went to Philippines alone
so this is like an unplanned annivesary thingy,
it didnt cross my mind until i look at the date,
so it would be nice, for ONCE,
we explore somewhere NEW,

Gili Island (best map i found so far!)
its gonna be a good holiday i hope,
please dont treat us like alien,
please dont overcharge us!!~


ariel said...

gili, do i pronounce it as geli? haa~

p.s.i also totally forgot his name!=b

Feister said...

hiii!!! hahah, its pronounced as bahasa lor, gili ... geeeleeee. hahahah!!~~

yah, really cannot recall his name at all leh!!!~~

i want to buy a camera for this trip, but still tak boleh afford, so sad!!!~