Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 hours shopping therapy : 2009 KL Book Fest

if it wasn't for Ariel's reminder,
i would've completely, totally, absolutely, utterly
FORGOT all about this KL BookFest!!!!!!!
i'll be so gutted if i miss the ANNUAL affair to shop like mad,
(and claim back from income tax later....)

thank goodness, one evening i felt i shud go online,
and there she reminded me and TA-DA!!!!
the shopping THERAPY is amazing....!!! TQ!!!~

technically the shopping therapy includes a very HURT pocket,
i think stress has lots to do with my spending, i came to a point,
where i DO NOT really care how much i spent that day,
because i decided to shop now and die later when i see empty account,
i dont feel the guilt yet, but therapy should last me for a while.

at the book fest, god forbid,
my mind was blank, didnt have a clue what to look for,
so that is suppose to be a good sign of spending LESS,
but what happened was, i scanned through
each and every row by the wall
and decided on a few items that ended up here....

1. The Little Lady (a chick lit)
i don't own chick lit, wasnt really a fan anyway,
this book would be my first collection, hope it doesn't disappoint,
after that my eyes went big big, i saw 2 books THICK THICK
but only RM24.90???????!!!!! its the classics!
2. Sherlock Holmes & Hans Christian Andersen,
both for leisure reading when it is dead bored in GJ.

i keep walking, and since this is ON TOP OF MY RADAR,
this caught my eyes, and i literally ZOOM across the room,
to the opposite, knock a guy to PICK UP this HUGEEEE
i look like a lunatic, grinning & touching the glossy pages
like im reading porn in my own private world!!!!
after that i felt pretty satisfied, but i also felt.............DUTY CALLS... in shopping context, it means
i have to buy something for someone else too,
if i can buy the whole world for you i would! anyway...
4. PHOTO ALBUM 6-in-1, Pop Urban design
its for a colleague's baby's birthday present, funky!
5. Prince Siddharta Musical CD
its for our dad, his birthday coming soon,
need to start pamper him la right...
6. Green Tea
its for our mom, she's mom, so that's a pretty strong reason.

after that i have no cash left to buy anything for anyone else liao....
because i still need to go do other shopping,
but its such a GREAT FUN THERAPY!!!!

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AlCock said...

I'd be there, and you know why... :p