Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gili Trawangan Island - Kelapa Kecil

September - the month where we met
a holiday is planned to Gili Island this year,
(3 hours by speedboat from Bali, US$70 per trip!)

Gili Island is UNFAMILIAR for both of us,
previously in locations like, Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan
it was Scott's first time, but I was there before....

when I visited Canada the first time,
he is OBVIOUSLY familiar with his hometown,

later, we wanted to explore Vietnam together,
but as fate has it, he went there with his friends,
while i have to go there for business
we are on 2 different paths...

later, Indonesia seems like the possible one,
but after that i was in Bali for like 24 hours...
but Gili should be foreign enough to explore,

what i hope is to arrive at a new destination,
completely foreign to us like New Zealand
or Papua New Guinea or something!!!~ :D
(the word NEW in these countries are just coincidence)

Back to Gili Trawangan,
after searching high and low, we decided:
Kelapa Kecil of Blue Marlin Dive

should stay in a nice & comfortable place
because its suppose to be special right?
and for scott, must have swimming pool,
(obviously extra facilities will cost more)

i prefer 'bao sai' basic things like
transport, breakfast, tax, services etc,
most important of all .... CHEAP!!!!
look GOOD in pictures, with GOOD reviews,

Kelapa Kecil seems pass the test all the above so far,
simple, clean and nice, only 3 units sharing a plunge pool,
you can even see the room is super basic,
a dressing table, bed & bathroom.

hopefully in few years time when i manage to save more
or have more friends to come along and stay in 5 bedroom villa,
Kelapa Luxury Villas looks soo comfortable!!!!~ Villas~

p.s. we should have one of this in GJ, of cos a small version!

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