Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wild Wild West Theme Costumes 敢敢来!

suggestion when attending a costume party!!!
start with imagining all characters possibility,
revolving the theme, not just human but also object!

you can go extremely SIMPLE, or ELABORATE,
i would say 敢敢来!!!
for example: Cowboys are soooo boring,
BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN cowboys are funky!
then of cos you have start acting brokeback too!

you may start off thinking about one character,
but you become better when you enjoy it & even jest it up!!
most of us got our costumes from Century Fiesta in Hartamas

I'm sure Cowboy Girls is one of the top choices,
cos you can wear denim skirt & boots & scarf
which i'm sure you may already have, and your rental
would be cowboy hat and the accessories to funky it up!
and of cos the Law Enforcers- Sheriffs
middle one is my boss the Brokeback Sheriff (obviously),
same as cowgirls, basic item you may already have,
need gun, handcuffs, vest, scarf and sheriff BADGE!
i like what Marcus (LEFT) tied around his collar,
its fashionable and yet doesn't lose the theme at all!
OR you can even partner with your best mate,
and ask him to be the HORSE, 出双入对 works too!
and also the Law-less - Cowboys
the traditional cowboys are soooo boring
unless you are damn handsome !!
and can pull off tough boy look wearing leather pants!
here we have our company clown Stephan,
brokeback mountain to the max,
accesories with his choice of COLORS,

and his ladylike poise oozing out,
totally playing his part as a gay cowboy!!!
of cos, you cant play the gay part alone,
so Stephan and our new company clown, Adam,
play the part with him, who is obviously the male gay,
(wears cow print vest, pink belt and luv to puff out his chest)
i think that mustache was the highlight of his costume!!
they totally know how to fully utilize the term 出双入对!!!
and the ANTAGONISTS!!!! (or the PROTAGONIST)
depending on which Western film you studied,
we have 3 Red Indian Chiefs, it should only be one,
but you will ALWAYS see them in a wildwildwest party,
because RED FEATHERY headgear is deadpan easy to get,
the winning chief would be someone like James
(the guy who painted his face with colors) complete with a
Red Indian Blue Whistler Fox or something,
you can either look STONE FACED like Brian (LEFT)
or WISE with WISDOM if that's not a STONE LOOK,
or you can look super menacing and loud like the other TWO,
of cos, there's the CHIEF's daughter role!!!!!
(or the Red Indian Boy... there's none that evening)
the Pocahontas idea /a red indian girl,
you can modernize it to fit your body & wear high heels,
sandals would be nice but its not glamorous la....
this is actually a tailor made dress (she can afford it)
here is the other version of a super flowy Pocahontas dress,
complete with same colored boot wear, (no full length picture)
you can also dress up with your partner too, (CEO and his wife)
play the part where the chief's get really angry about his daughter! of cos there's always that BAR!! in a western film,
and in the BAR you have the bar lady, correct?
anyway explore the INNOCENT bar lady look,
long flowy thick dress, and a scarf around you,
soft tone colors and a very clean innocent look,
but there is also the other type of BAR LADY,
exchange scarf with a THICK FEATHER BOA,
put on that cheesy smile to get your 'customers'...
because in a bar, you can also play the role of
'IBU AYAM'!! (a lady pimp!!!)
and if you have lady pimp, who do you have?
yes, you can explore also the bartender & waitress
but the highlight of all characters in a Western,
the damsel in distress: the whore!
i knew its gonna be TOUGH, and breaking good girl rules,
but i will dress up for the fun of it, was so worried abt the effect!!
this character has to be the most elaborative & dressy costume!!!
you have noooooooooooooo idea how much things i have to wear!!!
i had to wear just the TOP part (i have a dress too)
the dress was long and flowy i look like a fat auntie,
so have to wear short black pants to cover bum bum,
(you can see the black shorts)
upon ms Mary Berry's suggestions,
have to wear long netted stokings
and it so happen to have a tear, just made it so kinky!
next the gloves made a difference (but very hot....)
the necklaces and earrings....(which i broke after)
the hairdo and BIG BIG FEATHER on my head,
the signature of a whore..... and for the effort,
i won best dressed! yay!
boss won best dressed too for his brokeback Sheriff,
but trust me, people keep spanking my bum bum,
some guys even pull up my skirt and it was so bad,
sadly ............. no one was a Cactus that night....
it would be fun if my partner was a cactus. LOL!
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