Thursday, June 21, 2012


all pending assignments ARGH.
requires me to write. ARGGGH.
and within a certain timeline!

WAIT. not just write. i need to... CREATE & IMPRESS
in order to get PAI$$$D *BIG SMILE
first i must combine the X idea + Y idea = XY concept to be approved

so what inspires me today?

compassion. wholesome. and the color purple. oddly enough rainbow cupcakes!

now lets tie it all together, first take a deep breath and just write! let it flow! just like pee you know!

the one thing that could fit a cake into a mini paper cup,
is that big splash of rainbow colors that ribbons the sponge of the cake,
hues of colors and starting with the unorthodox color purple,
creating a sense of completion and wholesome-ness worthy of
igniting the compassion of a cat who detests and meows at everything he sees


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