Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Shoes

yes, this is exactly what i meant
when i said i wanna wear comfy wedding shoes,
i would either wear white sneakers or this one below, can?
reason being? comfort is number 1 key and i cant run in heels,
i love running around to talk my friends during the wedding,
i dont wanna look like a prima donna untouchable barbie doll!!!
:D can or not????


felice said...

Can, when is ur big day? :)

Fei said...

not sure yet! boh lui!!!~~ hhaa

@ltramann said...

Definately u can wear the sneakers.....suit ur style...sporty!!

JoyceChoo said...

Just do what you want, it;s your big day what~!!! ;)

Mandy @ Meiming said...

Of course you can sweetie. My friend did it too.
A very different wedding indeed!

ariel said...

i don't see why not... can the bride maids wear white sneaker too pwease~~~ *look forward to the day* ^-^