Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sikome Lake

being here and having spent sometime last winter.
makes me realize how much people really appreciate the sun.
the sun is out and it is a must NOT to stay at home, and get out!
(Sikome Lake and sands brought in to make it a beach...)i was so annoyed when Scott called me on the phone
he was working and i was working extra hours as usual,
he wants me to get out of the house and I refuse to, lazy,
we were almost going to fight on the phone because of this
in the end I realize, he was right after all, it was worth it.
Leila, Scott's mom
offered to take me to Sikome (see-co-mee) lake on Sunday
It was a beautiful Sunday, I was thinking about home,
and wondering what I would be doing back home,
I realize, the trick to not miss home
is to find a REPLACEMENT for what i miss from homei think replacements will work,
i will eventually immerse myself here,
its not that i will forget home, but its less painful for me
and less crying when the home sickness hits me
it was wonderful seeing the sights of families & young couples,
people speaking Chinese on my left, Cantonese on my right,
Arabic in front of me, Tagalog on my far left,
and they call this place home, maybe I could too....

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