Monday, August 15, 2011

Los Angeles, USA

even typing the words Los Angeles or L.A. seem so surreal,
can you imagine the state of my mind when I arrive at LAX?
i was beyond myself and i thank the stars and moon gratefully
even if it was for work and also my boss for one week
but to be able stay in Hollywood (yes, West Hollywood)
was like telling me, i will bump into Bradley Cooper anytime!
well no such luck, but i'm just super thankful to be was a beautiful city, expansive and expensive,
i went jogging around the block and beautiful houses
near the place where we stay, its like a film location,
the road names, Rodeo Drive, Melrose, Sunset Boulevard etc
except for the Hollywood sign which we couldn't find,
and talking to the concierge and asking
"how do we get to Santa Monica beach" sounds surreal!
the iconic carousel that appeared in films so many times!
this is one hot gymnast bod swinging around the hoops,
boss and i was super impressed, everyone else who attempted
pales in comparison after his excellent performance
he wasn't there to exhibit, this is like his WORKOUT routine!
and what makes the experience so cool? my boss is brilliant.
he rented a car cos it is much cheaper than taxi-ing around
only $20/day!!!! and this funky looking machine i drove,
obviously i was a really bad driver and boss was just holding
back all his comments, i feel so bad, im usually NOT that bad
it was all work so there isn't much time to do anything else,
and don't even get us started on the size of the meals,
it is very very huge, its like you should only eat 1/2 plate!

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