Monday, June 27, 2011

Hidden Valley Ranch 2011

second visit to the Hidden Valley Ranch,
i am actually VERY proud of myself this time because
i'm now able to get use to the life on the ranch
compared to the FIRST time when i was here (July, 2010)back then, i didn't had such a positive attitude,
still i was a trooper, after some coercing and guidance,
i was cleaning like mad, sweeping the dusty floor,
mopping, and washing stuff with the cold mountain water
and listening to my music (the only ELECTRONIC device)i realize with the right support, it gives me more confidence,
i asked way too many questions on the most simplest thing,
i still do but some of the things i can now manage myself,
even with just the kerosene lamp, i feel okay,
and the forest rustling and branches banging on roofs,
i can sleep soundly till the sun rise, isnt that awesome?we will be going there a couple of times this summer,
cos they are setting the place up for Luke & Michelle's wedding,
I will learn how to start the fire the easy way,
with KEROSENE, hahahaha what a cheater I am!maybe bring my watercolors or sketch book...? Nah lazy.
i rather just sit and stare into the abyss.
completely cut off from the world,
this is really offering me something new.

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萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

Babe! The place is super nice!! I wish I could visit you someday.