Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new year resolution. nada.

Nada, it means nothing in Spanish.
i have nada new year resolution for 2011
i feel it might also apply to people around me,
by that i meant Scott, and i dont see many friends
blogged about it either. dont you think its interesting?

[picture of a really bright/hot sun on a really cold day, how ironic]
it could either mean,
we are quite happy and contented where we are,
so there's no major need to change for 2011,

it could also mean
2010 had been quite a smooth year,
even though we did not review it thoroughly,
we knew we could still get by 2011 because of 2010.

but i guess to make life more interesting and fulfill-able,
and not regret it when the clock struck 12 to 2012,
i guess i still have to try to come up with some 2011 resolution
let me think about it and come back tomorrow.

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