Sunday, November 21, 2010

will and kate's engagement!~

please understand that it is easier to type will and kate rather than the longer version of prince william and kate middleton engagement haha! so i was just writing a note about this to SotongBerry and i really truly want to share it here, i wish i have a better way to express it but this is just an amazing amazing truly delightful great news, in the midst of all these economic glooms and boring politicians it is refreshing and welcoming to hear of this engagement. i guess for the past 1 week, both their names would be trending in the leading search engines in some way too!

and being here in Canada, a country which i think seems to still have a strong link to the UK cos
Canada's currency still have the Queen of England unlike Malaysia even though we were once British colony, our currency has Sultans instead, which is interesting! Anyway, being here for the past...5 days, it seems that every single hour (given that there are a couple hundred channel here) there are news, documentaries, and even a movie dedicated to prince william, the royal family, and now kate middleton too. its just phenomenal here, if you log on to Yahoo! Canada, you get like Associated Press (AP) news link to almost every angle of the engagement, from how he proposed, to kate's background, who's paying for the wedding, venue, bridal gown, harry's thoughts, royal family's comments etc etc etc x 1000 times!~

and you've prbbly seen this interview a couple of times, the couple does look so relax and happy together, of course slightly tense cos this is an interview that would go public, but i think its so sweet, the little actions and the same time that they look at each other, it is definitely something build over the years.

many said prince charles and princess diana wedding was like a fairy tale, and their lives too, and i believe everything related to princess diana it just feels even more fairytale than anything else, the legacy of this family will be forever imprinted in history. it is undeniable that losing someone as dear as your mom is a painful journey to grow up without her and being in a social status different from the rest and in the limelight just makes it even more trickier.

Yet in this pain and expectations to be the king of england or heir to a monarchy so well respected, the memories lived and now the family story continues with the sons who are indeed like a shining light and somehow whatever they do carries through and seems brighter than ever. Thats how it feels for me everytime reading a coverage of this family, its like i am actually reading a book but the fact that this is a real life unfolding book in this era and it i believe it is going to turn out really well!!!

this engagement is even more fairy tale than you can ever imagine just because kate is a commoner and marrying a royalty, how fairytale is that???and for the next chapter of the book, it will not be surprising to find harry marrying someone who is not british, (chelsy davy is south african right??) because you can just see that in him with his travels and works around the world, and that is yet another fairy tale waiting to happen, well my prediction. cheh haha

of course whatever we see now in media whether or not a depiction or an interview, it still feels like the media DECIDES everything, like when did william start falling in love with kate, speculating about their temporary split etc, and im like COME ON, these are just one or two instances caught on camera and the media decides that, this is it, this is the turning point, its a little bit over the top, im not complaining grudgingly, but in the end the media portrayal of the family is what makes the family~~~

and it always seems that Prince Harry is in the shadow, unless you're a fan but i think if you dont know what he has been doing, you should see some of his plans that actually came into fruition, it is very inspiring and i must admit it could be the princess diana and angelina jolie charity work being publicized so much that it is more becoming of a fad to volunteer which is still a good thing, the more the better, but you should see this video of Prince Harry giving a small talk to the cadets heading for an expedition.

and to end this with a great video of Prince Charles, William & Harry, i was laughing watching this video haha

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