Friday, November 19, 2010

mission: thank god for coins

only -15celcius today with light snow,
i think i might be able to get use to walking
if there's no big wind blowing in your face
and able to look in front instead of keeping your head down
with a scarf around ur face from the snowflakes******
(snowflakes are NOT that romantic, it could be annoying)
i am lazy to keep these in the room anymore,
feels like a soldier preparing for a mission,
can go go go go anytime.
and if you dont have a scarf, you feel your 'bei si long'
dry and cold in every breath you take,
no wonder all the nose boogers, 成型一块块
1. Milk
2. Tomato
3. V8 juices
4. Artificial Vanilla
5. Balsemic Vinegar - i will buy next time, too heavy!
i had $15 notes + coins and had to pay $17 in total.
thank god for coins!!!!!!!!!!!!

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