Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so its -30celcius and the windows decided to FREEZE.

not to mentioned when you wake up and feet out of the blanket,
its slightly colder than usual, scott called from work and tell me to
"close all the windows in the house" i think its something about,
temperature variations near the thermostat will affect the whole house,
but obviously in this cold, the windows are..... FROZEN. seriously.
because in Malaysia, hot weather wont MELT our windows right, haha

oh i did try to push to close it, but its literally impossible,
i was thinking its only such small opening, no problem ba...
but then i dont want the whole house suddenly heated up
just because one room is super cold or get me into trouble
so i put on the VICKS Warm Mist Humidifier, no joke!!!
here they need a machine to make warm mist humid air...
yes its that dry.

well, since this humidifier is warm, filled it up with water
and i put it right underneath the window and plug it in,
COLD vs WARM = BALANCE, right????
you can see the white panel behind, those are heater panels.
i remember our dorm in Liverpool, UK where the heater panels are attached to the wall instead, and i (well the girls duh!!) would hang bras and underwears or clothes to dry, but i guess its not possible here with heater panels on the floor....


yee.wean said...

yeah...british is using radiator. under floor heating system is in nw!

jooknun said...

i see ice out there!!! at the edge of the window.

so cold feiwen and i am sweating here inside aircon room.