Tuesday, November 23, 2010

apparently sandwich is a real meal

some friends would agree that one of the most intense Sandwich training
was when we were studying in LJMU,
we had to pack a sandwich everyday for breaktime,
(and chocolate for dessert...)
i still dont think sandwich is a meal though....
but here i am with sandwich for lunch
cos Scott loves packing sandwich for lunch
white is miracle whip, yellow is mustard,
lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber,
beef salami is the main meal, like 4 pieces of them in one
but what is cool is, i think in comparison to me in general,
he eats WAY a lot more fruits, as you can tell in his lunch sack,
(1 kiwi, 1 banana, 1 green apple, sometimes 2 oranges)
while i only eat SLICES of oranges or watermelon per day
see, my lunch at noon before i start my work at 2pm.
its yummy no doubt, but really, a meal of sandwich???
i welcome mixed rice anyday with meat & vegetables over this!~

1 comment:

yee.wean said...

u will get used to this very soon!! switch to cereal in summer! i can hv cereal for breakfast, lunch n dinner!