Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3 - a sleepy town Sutton with noisy tourists

we drove from the airport in Montreal to Sutton
using Scott's iphone's GPS as a guide which took 1 1/2 hours
without getting lost, so im very proud of him
but it was quite difficult to capture the sleepy town of Sutton
mainly because i dont have the eye for it, i hope this will do?
what amazes me is the little stereo fix to the lamp post
all around town, can you imagine, when they play Christmas songs?
this place with snow would simply feels heavenly!

whats even more heavenly (or greasy) is the signature food here

thats where we stay in the little small town drove up the hill
about CN68 per night i think

but of cos we spend most time at the party house
where they rented it at about CN800 per night or for 2 nights
im not sure, but its huge compound at an amazing location
with amazing furnishing, 9 bedrooms and a piano!!!
and of course the pool and a beautiful creek
(the creek is right behind where im standing you cant see)

and of cos, cannonball into the pool is everything a dude must do
the party starts from noon till literally midnight
i cannot believe how much time i actually spent there
i dont think this is something i EVER did just at one place,
just sitting and listening to all their mad stories
and some of them just met each other for the first time
they really can talk anything everything under the sun
(will post their pics up soon)
and then played Frisbee in the pool until they start the fire
we left at 11pm..... the very next day on wedding day
they told us, they brought the plastic chairs to...
wah lao.... crazy ang mohs and parties...hahaha

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