Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3 - could this be the biggest story ever? POCKETS!

i didnt mean the bridegroom's hand
but yeah, its still a pretty BIG story,
cos the bride wasnt too happy to know the groom hurt himself
before the wedding, the big worry and question is,
can he wear the ring???
and the next one is also a story but maybe not big enough
this guy here tried to do a backflip
in a less than 5ft deep pool (no diving allowed too)
NEARLY broke his neck, he could've died, seriously!
i think he got a concussion and it doesnt look good
but apparently, this was not the craziest thing he did,
why am i talking about stories here?
because all afternoon, all evening, all night,
we (well, THEM, not really me) were just talking
talking about anything and everything, stories mostly
big stories, everyone seems to have a story after another,
like seriously, everyone has jokes or stories
and a lot of them only met for the first time too
i just find it hard to share so many things with new people
all of a sudden, its incomprehensible to me....
i mean there were crazy stories on top of each other, like
hand crammed in between trains
drunk stories, the groom's stag party etc
and i really truly dont remember the rest
thats how random the stories are
but as you can see from all their expression
everyone is just laughing non stop or joking non stop
and yeah thats the guy who nearly killed himself backflipping
actually i think this is the BIGGEST story,
the guy below name is Pockets, because when he was working,
he always puts his hands in the pockets, so co-workers starts
calling him Pockets, but he got so mad piss off, guess what he did?
NO, he didnt take his hand out of the pockets,
he actually went and REPORT TO HIS BOSS.
and the boss told everybody to STOP calling him Pockets.
WAH LAO have to ask boss to handle for him
everyone stop calling him Pockets of course,
and now they call him NOT POCKETS (hahahahahaha!!!!)
yes you are damn right, i laugh until crazy when i heard this!!
that afternoon, Not Pockets drank 7 beers,
with such small frame i think he was already knocked out,
look at his eyes, like rolling, going to pass out....
i mean, when scott was like teenager he could prbbly drink 7,
(thats what he told me, not sure if he's boasting or not)
in a way, Not Pockets is just crap at drinking which is
like an embarassing thing in their culture i suppose
something to laugh about probably
someone was nice enough to cradle him inside in fetal position
(like a big giant baby) ahahaha and there he is on the couch
with a pot where someone put it there in case he puked
but the DRAMA did not end here, it just got started....
i think about a couple of hours later,
a guy found Not Pockets sitting on a kitchen table
peeing all over the place (eyes closed still drunk)
and he look like, with his pants down sitting,
and he was ready to take a big dump right there!!!
i mean, like SHIT, if that happen in the kitchen....
crazyy, this dude was drunk to a point of nonsense!!!!
hahaha, and another story to all their collections...

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