Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 2 - City & Friends Day

Breakfast at Finney's haha...
Finney is a clownfish who lives in Scott's house

Scott drove around the city

showing where all the universities & colleges locations
there were a few that feels right
but sometimes the plan moving here is too complicated
stopped by a Vietnamese lunch place,
this taste like curry laksa... hahaha

met most of Scott's friend at Bolero, (Brazilian??)
a place where they have a buffet of over 15 kinds of meat
the picture below are friends who've known each other for years
so its great to see them talking and just enjoy the company
and also its just too big a group and its hard to talk to everyone
ya i dont know what to it will take a little while i suppose
we met Seth who didnt manage to join us for dinner
so it was better cos there's a lot more to talkabout
since there's just the three of us its easier
i suppose that would be a better way to get to know Scott's friends
raspberry beer i tasted it, its delicious when its cold
one big gulp thats all, cant do beer for nuts. and we depart to Montreal after that

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