Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 1 - Fondue Dinner and a Hot Day

arrive in Calgary after over 15 hours flight
and 6 hours plus transit + 4 airports
to a super glaring HOT summer
and my palms were sweaty from the sun
and this is how hot it looks like!
next we head to Scott's parents house for Fondue Dinner
i thought Fondue is only choc fondue for dessert,
when i look at this, it reminds of steamboat in Mas!
except everyone has their own stick to stick the meatballs
chicken broth soup you dont drink it, but you drink wine...
Scott's uncle made a CHEESE dip for bread,
this is very new for me, not a fan of cheese, yet,
but i think i can get accustomed to it
and of cos our dessert, a chocolate fondue with fruits,
strawberry taste the best la.
and this is about 930pm when we took a picture outside after dinner

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